Empowering MSME’s through Cooperative Society

Our solution offerings encompass contribution management, investment avenues, and are highlighted by our distinctive credit line.

Our Target Market

Our primary business objective is to generate value for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)

Credit Line

What we offer

Contribution Management

Our contribution management module revolutionizes the way cooperative members manage their dues. Embrace automation as contributions are seamlessly processed and can be conveniently paid from a distance by configuring contribution preferences. Additionally, this versatile module can serve as an effective tool for savings management.


Through our investment opportunity avenue, you have the potential to grow your funds. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing investment periods spanning 3 to 12 months, coupled with attractive interest rates ranging from 2% to 24%.

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Progressive Credit Line

Our offering includes a tailored and progressive credit line designed for members of cooperative societies. This credit line operates on an elevation system comprising levels from Level 1 to Level 10. Subscribers can access the credit line for a maximum of three months, with the flexibility to opt for daily or weekly interest payments. Once the principal amount is fully repaid, the interest payments cease automatically. Transitioning to the next level is hassle-free: by settling the principal, a subscriber can advance to the next level, with each level marked by an incremental increase in the credit line. Access to this credit line is subject to meeting cooperative society requirements and adhering to the Terms and Conditions.

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About Loupe

Loupe, a product by ideomathics Technologies Limited, harnesses the existing Fintech infrastructure to provide comprehensive support services for the advancement of MSMEs. Seamlessly accessible via Android and iOS mobile platforms, this solution boasts a user-centric interface, ensuring effortless navigation. Meanwhile, the backend is fortified with robust security measures to ward off potential breaches. The essence of Loupe's business support solution lies in fostering a symbiotic partnership between us, cooperative societies, and their members, directly addressing the challenges faced in their day-to-day business operations. Through strategic alliances with financial institutions and established connections with insurance firms, we're equipped to proficiently profile our subscribers for credit lines, expertly manage their credit line repayments, and tailor insurance policies to safeguard their enterprises effectively.

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Are you an entrepreneur and wish to join a cooperative society?