Terms and Conditions

Basics you need to know about your Loupe Account

When you open an account with us, you are setting up an
agreement between Ideomathics Technologies Limited
and yourself. Below is the short version of the legal
terms for use of the Loupe app.

1. Customer’s Consent

You consent and agree to the following in this Agreement.
(a). Sending you information through emails, social media, or the Loupe App.
(b). Reviewing your credit report from time to time.
(c). Debiting your account to reduce or pay off debt you owe us.
(d). Sharing the information you have given us, so we can provide you with our services.

Please see our privacy policy here

2. Condition for use of Loupe account

To open a Loupe account, you must
(a) agree to our terms and conditions;
(b) register on the app;
(c) be a Nigerian citizen or legal resident, and
(d) be at least 18 years old.
We may need you to provide some additional
information which will allow us identify you,
and meet our obligations under law.

3. Lending Terms

If you apply for a credit line, you agree to repay
the loan amount, including additional interest
fees. We will take the money from either your
Loupe Wallet or directly from your bank

4. Our responsibility to you

If you qualify for the credit, we will make the
loan available to you within a reasonable time.
If you do not make your payments on time, or
break your agreement with us, we will try to
collect the money, using legal means, including
reporting you to appropriate authorities.

5. Deposit, Withdrawal & Transfer Terms

You can add money to your Loupe wallet using our
integrated payment portal; upon withdrawal request,
a direct transfer will be made to the account provided
by the user and user wallet will be debited. The
application Is designed to only allow Transfer
of funds within the app.

6. Business Support Solution Terms

Users can join Loupe BSS by registering directly from the App,
A registration code will be sent to users for registration upon
verification of legibility. Users can get elevated from level
1-10 as far as they do not default in the repayment process.

7. Closing your account

Please contact us, if you want to close your account.
You will need to pay us any money you owe us before
we close your account. If we decide to close your account
we will notify you first but, we may close your account
without informing you, if we believe that you have given
us false information, committed or tried to commit a crime,
or acted against the Terms & Condition of using the App.

8. General Terms

We will update these terms and conditions from time to time,
and will notify you once we have done so. If you are not happy
with the changes, and choose to close your account, please let
us know. If you choose to keep using your account, it means you
have accepted the Change in the Terms & Condition.

9. How we will contact you

We will contact you through the phone number you provided to us,
or through notifications on your device. If you have any questions,
complaints, or claims, please contact us at cs@loupeonline.com or
using our verified social media channels.